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Knowledge, skills, and mental representations

It can be confounding that there are not necessarily similar specific attributes of research byproducts that achieve a successful R2O transition and become routinely useful in an operational environment. While there are certain elements common to the R2O process and how a product is presented that increase the likelihood of a successful transition, there is no common strategy to pursue to guarantee a winner . Transitioned research byproducts are comprised of scientific knowledge such that they present new information in a way that serves as a basis for making, or at least altering, operational decisions. Knowledge and information alone are a small piece of the “puzzle” for the practitioner. Retention of knowledge and information is difficult, even in the short-term, but it becomes even more challenging if the practitioner has to reason about how to apply it – that is, finding out how it “fits”. This is abstract because it is quite primitive in that it relates to how humans learn and t