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Listen to the community and refine R2O

Research to operations requires an astute and routine identification and evaluation of the stakeholders. The most efficient way to do this is holding conferences, in person, that pull unique participants from the breadth of researchers, practitioners, and leaders within, and beyond, the community. This means engaging colleagues beyond the geographic and disciplinary reaches of current R2O activities. There are usually many international partners and adjacent sectors that can provide a fresh perspective on how to optimize R2O activities based on their own trials. Taken to heart, these perspectives can challenge the status quo through reframing R2O discussions. After all, R2O is about collaboration . It is about the people involved more than the process that institutes and prescribes it. It is not as easy as calling a meeting and buying some coffee and muffins though. Planning a conference and establishing an agenda that focuses on R2O necessitates placing a notable emphasis on who is in