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Research Ideas: Think Solutions, Not Problems

Scientists apply a familiar scientific method for posing and addressing research problems. But successful R2O processes not only must support rigorous scientific work. R2O processes must also position the research results in the form of a deliverable research byproduct that practitioners can use to solve an operational challenge. This real-time deliverable built from raw or “first level” data constitutes the complete solution under a R2O framework. It is possible to distinguish the complete solution from the scientific component. More importantly, the science is not the entire solution. Transitioning research to operations is as much about improving the characteristics of the deliverable as it is the quality of the science. While a solution without solid science is unlikely to yield a meaningful research byproduct, science without a tailored solution is not going to add much, if any, value to practitioners whatsoever. The R2O solution is the method of communicating and visualizing info